Frankenstein musical dance theater

I was so nervous about this project. I was a last-minute addition, recommended by the costumer. At the time, I was primarily a fashion and beauty artist working entirely out-of-box with a very short window to apply makeup effects to half a body. There wasn't time to order a more flexible product for the demands of the dance and honestly, I was a bit scared. But like all things that make me a little nervous, I decided to go into it, study like hell beforehand, do my best, make it work, and continue studying it until it wasn't scary anymore for the future.

I have added to my kit and streamlined my technique based on what I learned and am now even more prepared than I was before, which is saying something as other artists usually have to turn to me backstage for any crazy item that they might have forgotten. I have also been spending the last year really studying more effects work and growing more confident with it. My kit is now larger and more back-breaking than ever, which means I can get both work and a workout at the same time.

There was a wonderful crew for this project, and the dancer was not only extremely talented, but very patient with the fact that I was constantly chasing him to tack down, snip, and repaint his scar-work. They were good sports all around, it was a wonderful trial-by-fire, and the concept of the piece is hauntingly beautiful. Here are the results.

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