Vintage Purse Makeover

As I stated in my last post I found a darling makeup purse with a cigarette holder. I have a nice little money clip already, and I don't smoke cigarettes, so I found another use for it.

First, cut card-stock to fit the interior. You will want this to fit snug around the edges but still slip in flat.

Go to you hardware store and pick up a roll of magnet tape. This stuff is now one of my favorite new crafty supplies. It is very thin, sticky on one side, and comes in a tape dispenser. It is not made for heavy-duty hold, but for our purposes, it will do just fine.

Cover your cardstock with the magnet tape.

Trim the edges and slip it in your case. If you cut to fit snug, it may hold itself in, otherwise you may have to tape or glue-dot the back.

Slip some mini makeup brushes, shadows, blush, bronzer and cream liner in and you're set to go.

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